Soy latte sold 5.42 million cups in one day, supplier: poured 30 million Maotai

Release time: 2024-01-11

According to the interface news report, Ruixing shops in the production of this soy latte using "white wine flavoured thick milk (configuration type containing milk drink)", its ingredients list in the 10th place is "white wine". The supplier of this thick milk is Ningxia Seishang Dairy. According to the first financial reports, the chairman of the board of directors of Ningxia Seishang Dairy Co., Ltd, Yan Jianguo, disclosed to the reporter that during the production process of thick milk, Moutai Distillery escorted 30 million yuan's worth of Moutai, and sent a person to keep an eye on a bottle of bottles to be added to the raw materials, and then the bottles will be transported away. He also said that the whole process is very strict.

According to the Ruixing clerk, the alcohol concentration of the soy sauce latte is between 0.2 degrees and 0.3 degrees, and according to a rough calculation of 1 cup of 480 ml, it contains about 1.8-2.7 ml of Moutai wine. According to 2ml measurement, 5.42 million cups of Ruixing coffee, the number of 500ml Flying Moutai consumed is: 5.42 million * 2/500 = 21.68 million bottles of Maotai. Calculated according to the market price of 2,800 yuan/bottle, 30 million yuan corresponds to 10.71 million bottles; calculated according to the official guide price of 1,499 yuan/bottle, 30 million yuan corresponds to 20.01 million bottles. Both of these figures are less than 21.68 million bottles. According to this projection, Ruixing Maotai coffee sales on the first day, has consumed all 30 million yuan Maotai.

On the morning of 6 September, the reporter placed an order for a "soy latte" and found that many shops in Beijing had sold out of the product. In this regard, some consumers are worried about not being able to buy. Moutai officials said, "soy latte" will become a permanent product, long-term launch. A Moutai insider said: "'Soya Latte' sales exceeded our expectations, it will become a permanent product that will continue to be launched, [consumers] do not have to worry about not being able to buy."