Make the best medicine for the people

Minzhong of one hundred year, the best of the century, vital forever, lasting forever

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invention to create a healthy life for you

Minzhong of one hundred year, the best of the century, vital forever, lasting forever

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Minzhong Pharmaceutical

Zhengzhou Minzhong Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd., established in 1994. We are devoting ourselves to manufacturing and dealing semi synthetic API antibiotic and its pharmaceutical products. Our main products, Rifamycin Sodium and Rifampicin, have the approval number in China, with GMP and the DMF; Our products are exported to many countries and regions. By improving internal management and quality, we are developing new business and working hard for the beautiful future.


Established in 1994

30 +

Industry experience

100 +

Sales region

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Our strengths

Our Strengths

Scientific research

Carrying the responsibility and mission of "making good medicine for the people", strengthening internal management, focusing on product quality, striving to explore new businesses, and striving to create better economic and social benefits.

Scientific research

The company has always been committed to the research, production, and sales of the Lifu series products, always adhering to technology as the guide and meeting customer needs as the goal

Advanced equipment

The company has modern stainless steel pharmaceutical equipment, advanced microelectronic inspection and analysis testing equipment from HP in the United States, and highly automated GMP standard workshops

Technical team

We have an advanced pharmaceutical professional technical team, a strict quality assurance system, and have established long-term technical cooperation relationships with Sichuan Antibiotics Research Institute, China Pharmaceutical Group, Zhengzhou University Institute of Pharmacy, and other units

MERS virus spreads through droplets, three infections in S. Korea outbreak

Korean health authorities had said that no triple infections of MERS have been found worldwide, expressing optimism about controlling the spread of MERS. But the discovery of instances of thrice-infected people has shattered that preconception.   Why are cases of triple infections so important? If MERS only occurs up to the second infection, that is, if only the first MERS infected person, A, is able to spread the MERS virus to the outside world, and if all the infected people get the virus from A (which is what happened up to the first day), then the path of MERS transmission can be "cut off" by tracking down and quarantining all the people who have had close contacts with A. MERS transmission path.

Apr 10,2020

The company moved to a new location

Due to the work needs, our office address since 1 April 2014, moved to Zhengzhou Jingkai District, four port linkage Avenue Zheng Shang line. We apologise for any inconvenience caused!

Apr 10,2020

Air compressor for sale

Sell four 80 cubic metre oil-free air compressors 90% new; four 40 cubic metre air compressors 70% new.

Mar 18,2012